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  20% Tax    Balkans

Hunter Thief

Hunter 54% Hunter
Thief 46% Thief

Version SRO-R 234
CAP 100
EXP Rate: 5x
Gold Rate: 5x
Drop Rate: 10x
IP Limit: 4
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2x Silks Bonus

2x Rates when buy Premium Silks
Bonus same amount in Regular Silks 

Posted by Navmesh on 16-Apr-2024 17:28

entRopy Coins update in HWT and DoFU

Holy Water Temple uniques drop of coins has been updated.

entRopy Coin (Copper) 1 - 3 Coins
entRopy Coin (Silver) 1 - 3 Coins
entRopy Coin (Gold) 0 - 1 Coins
* Bronze you can get from Target Trading.

Dungeon of Ferocious Uniques
Added entRopy Coin (Gold)
Tiger Girl (S) & Cerberus (S) 1 (Gold) Coin
Uruchi (S) & Captain Ivy (S)  1 - 2 (Gold) Coins
Isyutaru (S) 2 - 3 (Gold) Coins
Lord Yarkan (S) 3 - 5 (Gold) Coins

Energy of life Stack increased to 500

Other ways to get this coins:
Cooper Coin:  Capture the Flag.
Bronze Coin:  Target Trading.
Silver Coin:  Dungeon of Ferocious Uniques.
Gold Coin: Survival arena (Purchase it from Survival Arena Manager NPC).

Posted by Navmesh on 16-Apr-2024 17:03

CAP 100 - Alexandria

Server CAP is now 100.

Alexandria and King`s Valley are open from LvL 100
Base Drop rate increased from 5x to 10x

IP Limit is 4 now.

Posted by Navmesh on 04-Apr-2024 15:09

Rates Event ended

Exp, Drop, Silks, Vote ended.

Posted by Navmesh on 04-Mar-2024 15:24

Ranking Item points

Web Ranking has been updated with Item Points.
It is also updated in-game, but only once a day.

You can also check your item points in your Character profile,
Account PanelCharacters and click above your char.

Posted by Navmesh on 02-Mar-2024 19:23