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  20% Tax    Balkans

Hunter Thief

Hunter 53% Hunter
Thief 47% Thief

Version SRO-R 234
CAP 81-(100)
EXP Rate: 5x
Gold Rate: 5x
Drop Rate: 5x
IP Limit: 2

IP Limit & Max Accounts Clarification

Please be informed that each player is allowed to register up to 4 accounts.
However, there is an IP limit in place, allowing only 2 accounts to be online simultaneously from the same IP address.

This means that while you can have a total of 4 accounts registered, you can only be actively logged in with 2 accounts at the same time. We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to this policy to maintain fair and enjoyable gameplay for all users.

Now about Event (Attendance) You can participate in this event with all your 4 accounts.
If I will find out that more than 4 accounts was used in event, I will disable rewards for all your accounts, specially the last day one.

Posted by Navmesh on 30-Dec-2023 00:48