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  20% Tax    Balkans

Hunter Thief

Hunter 53% Hunter
Thief 47% Thief

Version SRO-R 234
CAP 81-(100)
EXP Rate: 5x
Gold Rate: 5x
Drop Rate: 5x
IP Limit: 2

Craft & BOI update.

Craft for D10 AdvC has been added.
To craft AdvC Weapon you will need 10x DG10 AdvA + 5x DG10 AdvB
Same for all other types, you need the elixirs A & B of that type.

Battle of Infinity (BOI) Arena reward has been changed 1->3

Astral & Immortal D8-D10 for premium Silks can be purchased in stacks of 10 & 100 (last one with discount 5%)
D1-7 has been moved to last tab.

Posted by Navmesh on 01-Jan-2024 17:26